A Funding Co-op

A Funding Co-op

Projects which seek to avoid traditional extractive markets for fund raising often have a terrible time getting started. This is a very common story in the Cooperative world.

We have developed a “funding coop” model to get around this problem.

Our funding co-op model allows a community to invest in, own, and control its own infrastructure through a cooperative structure, and through paying for the assets which¬† provide our services up front – the “pre” in Pre Power refers to this prepayment model.

Pre Power One is the first of these funding coops, focussed on the renewable energy sector. The model is readily applied to other sectors which local communities rely on.

Our funding co-op model works well when there are [productive assets] involved in a transaction, particularly when those assets are long lived. Examples include energy generation equipment, housing stock, food production and distribution systems, electric vehicle conversion services and fuelling stations, and much else. 

These are all the things we regularly pay bills for.

The Pre Power model means that the customers who use a product or service are co-owners of, and harvest the benefits of the infrastructure required to provide the product or service – in the Pre Power case, the provision of renewable energy.

Find out exactly [how it works].

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When you join Pre Power One you become a member of a local co-operative that is owned and operated by people that live local like you.

Before you join, your options for buying electricity from Pre Power will be explained and a membership will be created to match your needs.

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