Install eBRIM and Save

Pre Power One Co-op members purchase eBRIM systems through the Co-op. The Co-op will work with you and eBRIM to design, fund and arrange an eBRIM system for your home or business. If you rent, we will work with you and your landlord.

eBRIM tracks household electricity use and generation. It senses internal and external temperatures, use of rooms, consumption of household appliances, and the electricity imported and exported from your dwelling. It knows the price of electricity and helps you shift and reduce your electricity consumption to save you money.

Prepower represents you when dealing with eBRIM, governments, suppliers, banks, retailers and energy producers. Working together as a group of consumers saves more money compared to working as individual consumers.

All Prepower consumer-members install an eBRIM system before looking at other investment opportunities like solar panels. This ensures investments saves money. eBRIM calculates your savings and makes sure you continue to make savings for the foreseeable future.. 

eBRIM alternatives with Prepower are:

  1. You pay the upfront cost for the eBRIM system and pay 30% of your savings to the Cooperative. The 30% pays eBRIM for ongoing maintenance and improvements and for the cooperative to work on your behalf with other members, grid suppliers of electricity, distributors and retailers. Members work with other members to get the best from your electrical system in your home. If you leave the dwelling, your eBRIM system becomes an investment (2).


  2. You can assist others and buy systems for others to use. You will receive your money back as a 10% indexed annuity for 20 years. However, you can ask for part, or all, of your money back at any time.


  3. Join the cooperative and arrange with the help of other members for the cooperative to install a system. You will pay the Cooperative 70% of the savings made with the eBRIM system. 50% of your payments build up equity in the eBRIM system you use. When paid, you switch to (1) above. 

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