Members collectively own Prepower Assets

Members all have an equal voice in Pre Power One. However some members are willing to put up extra money as capital. Capital is stored as a prepayment for goods and services from the cooperative. Members receive a return on their capital as a discount on goods and services when they use their prepayments or if they ask for their prepayments back.

For this reason, Pre Power One offers discounts on all prepayments including monthly payments. If a member is late with a payment then the Discount is negative. We recommend that all members keep a positive balance in their prepayments account as the prepayment discounts give about the same return as 5% bank interest.

When members install a Pre Power One system like eBRIM, solar panels, or batteries they save money, time or reduced risk compared to going on their own. The member and Pre Power One come to an agreement on how to measure the savings and the percentage of savings accruing to the member and to the cooperative. When a new situation arises all members agree to the rules.

When a member pays money to Pre Power One part, or all, of the payment purchases a prepayment. This means consumer members accrue prepayment capital as they pay for electricity or deposit money. All members in similar circumstances within a cooperative operate under the same rules.

With traditional investing, investors take on future risk.

With Pre Power One, consumers take on most of the future risk.

Based on rules for a non-distributive co-operative, when Pre Power One makes a profit it must be used by the Co-op to benefit members. Pre Power One Cooperative members decide how to distribute the profits to further the objectives of the Co-op. 


An member prepays $10,000 and receives $1,000 of value adjusted for inflation for 20 years.

A consumer buys $1,000 worth of electricity for 20 years and accumulates future electricity credits (prepayments) of up to $10,000 adjusted for inflation.


 Read about Prepayment Capital.

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When you join Pre Power One you become a member of a local co-operative that is owned and operated by people that live local like you.

Before you join, your options for buying electricity from Pre Power will be explained and a membership will be created to match your needs.

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