Co-operatives are membership based structures. Members of a co-op get one vote per membership – one member one vote, as opposed to other corporate structures which allocate votes according to the amount of money invested in the company – one dollar one vote.

Members of a Pre Power Local Co-op get the rights to fill two roles:

  • Become a [Customer Member]
  • Become a [PrePayments Member]

Both of these membership categories come with a specific set of rights and responsibilities for the members within them.

Customer Members have prepayments rights but prepayment members may not have customer rights.

Separation of the two roles allows people who do not have the upfront cash to buy a solar installation to gain access to the cheap energy available through rooftop solar by prepayment members financing customer members solar installations.. 

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When you join Pre Power One you become a member of a local co-operative that is owned and operated by people that live local like you.

Before you join, your options for buying electricity from Pre Power will be explained and a membership will be created to match your needs.

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