The Pre Power

Co-operative System

The Pre Power Co-operative System

The Pre Power Cooperative System is organised as an “inverted hierarchy [graphic – inverted hierarchy]”. It is inverted, or upside down, because the power is held by, and decisions are made by the many customer members. 

There are 3 levels in this inverted hierarchy:

  • Local Co-operatives
  • Regional Co-operatives
  • The Pre-Payments Co-operative

The Local Co-ops:

Local Co-ops are where the power lies. They are kept to a size of 150 households / small businesses or less to avoid getting so big that the community is hard to maintain. 

Local coops are where memberships and assets are held. 

They are easy and cheap to replicate, and new coops are able to use the cookie cutter co-op rules provided by the Regional Coop.

Local coops are autonomous. They direct where the profits go, and can tweak their own discounts and payments to (within limits) vary the amount they give away to the community, 

Assets are bought through member pre payments. Ongoing costs are met by members paying their electrical bills.


The Regional Coops:

Local coops are a business. Running a business is a pain in the bum. 

Because the many local coops are all in the exact same business, they can use a portion of their earnings to outsource most of the day-to-day running of the business.

Who on the outside could be trusted to run these novel community owned businesses? Their own company, of course! The regional coops are owned by and controlled by the local coops. Their sole mission is to make the local coops easy for the members to run.

Regional coops are funded by 20% of the local coops takings.


The Pre Payments Coop:

The Pre Payments Coop creates and maintains the digital platform which enables the pre payment system used by our funding coops to operate. 

The pre payments coop will cater for pre payments in many sectors, such as housing, farming and transport, with the energy sector through the Pre Power System being the first.

The pre payments coop is owned and controlled by the regional coops across many regions and sectors.

Pre Payment Coop is funded by 20% of the Regional Coops takings.

To be involved in the Pre Power Coop, you need to [become a member].

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When you join Pre Power One you become a member of a local co-operative that is owned and operated by people that live local like you.

Before you join, your options for buying electricity from Pre Power will be explained and a membership will be created to match your needs.

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