Case Study

4 Oct 2021

An Individual Household Investing in Solar Panels

Hannah loves the idea of investing in solar panels for her home in Canberra. Hannah believes in community working together.


“”To be honest, it’s a bit confusing and gives me a headache thinking about the options. It takes a long time to understand the different offers and panel types. I want a simpler way. I want to show my kids how to look after the world we live in.

Hannah discovers that by joining the Prepower One Cooperative she can expect to save approximately $1,700 per year based on an investment on solar panels purchased and installed by the Cooperative of around $7,500.

Her savings will continue for at least 20 years.

“If my neighbours benefit while I am saving money why wouldn’t I sign up to Prepower One?”

Membership value for Hannah

The value to the Hannah is in her savings on consuming power; that the Cooperative manages the installation and take on the risk for the panel assets.  Hannah has the right to purchase future electricity from the panels; and benefits from being a member of the Cooperative.

Hannah’s savings are divided between consumer members, investor members and in the cost of running the cooperative. About $700 in value goes to the investor, $700 in value to Hannah as the consumer and $300 to operate the cooperative including maintenance on the panels on Hannah’s home.